Web Content Management Services

Content is Still King

If you are concerned about your search engine results, you know how important SEO is. There are other factors involved in SEO such as site structure, page structure, page loading speed, but your search res depend on your written content. If you are using images for your content, search engines can't read written content embedded into an image. It can read the "alt tag" (another huge part of SEO), but not the written content itself.

Your Business Success Depends on Your Content

Your content is not only what search engines see but what your potential customers see too. And customers buy your products or services, not search engines. Even in this world that is leaning more towards artificial intelligence, your written content on your website will be the deciding factor on the success of your website.

Get Keyword Researched Content

You can put all the catch phrases into your content you want but how do you know anyone is looking for what you offer? If no one is searching for your keywords, no one will be interested in going to your website. The problem is that keyword research takes time. It also takes expertise to know which keywords work for your business and which keywords don't.

Your content must be researched and crafted for best results. If not, you are slinging spaghetti (or worse) onto the internet to see what sticks. To get the best results for your organic or paid search campaigns, you need carefully crafted content with researched keywords.

Over 20 Years of Experience in Web Content Management

Since1999, I have been watching how people made money on the internet. I built my first website in 2001. That is also the first year I wrote my own web content. to this day, I write my content for maximum results, researching keywords, and refining over time to continue to get results for the ever-changing internet.

Are you ready to explore improving our web content? Let's get together on a call and see how I can improve your results with better web content writing.