Web Design Services

Web Design is More than Just Drawing Pictures

When the internet was in its formative days, web design wasn't really a thing. Little thought went into much of anything. There was no "Why is this element there?" It wasn't certain that the internet was going to catch on until around 2004.

As mobile phones became more complex, many found that the mobile devices outlived their need for a desktop computer or even a laptop (yes, I know that a laptop is actually a mobile device). In fact, more people access the internet by mobile device than desktop than ever before.

Google introduced the concept of "mobile-first" design and structure. The problem arises when some themes or CMS are not designed or developed with "mobile-first" in mind. Today, your website or application a must take mobile design into account. In fact, Google takes your site's mobile performance into your search results. Mobile design is that important.

My Vision for Web Design

Every element has a purpose. Every element has a function. All elements have plenty of space to be fully responsive. Any element that does not have a purpose, a function, or is not responsive doesn't go into the design. All designs at every screen size make sense.

It Starts with Discovery

Good web design isn't something that is hammered out in an afternoon meeting. Good web design starts with the color scheme based on psychology and implemented with the client's current colors and logo. Does a new logo make sense for the branding of the company? When was the last time branding was considered for the company? Many factors go into design besides just drawing pictures and finding other websites that have the animations the client thinks they want.

Your Website Is Your Brand

It's not about showing off your latest accomplishments and awards. Your website is about reflecting your brand and how you can help your clients solve a problem. Your web design is a reflection of your company and what you do best. Your colors have been researched or have proven well in your industry.

Web Design Today is About User Experience

Web Design used to be about catching attention and holding it, kind of like a pinball machine or a slot machine. We think design today is about functioning well to help your client solve their problem. Ideally, that is how they found your website in the first place. They were seeking a solution to your problem and your website communicated that you had the answer.