How to Manage Your Freelance Business Like a Boss

Manage and Grow Your Freelance Business for as Little as $20 per Month

If it was free to try for the first two weeks, would you try it? Of course, you would!

This post is for my fellow freelancers out here.  I have always wanted to make a living working from home. After I read Free Agent Nation by Dan Pink in 2002, I realized this was the life for me. It would later be called “freelancing” and according to Seth Godin, we are all freelancers. All my friends thought I was nuts. But I saw myself as a visionary who wanted this future for myself. It then took me a few more years to discover the skill sets that I thought I would need. I was a decent writer and thought that would be my new path to self-employment from home. I needed a website, artwork, and marketing. These were the skill sets I needed to create products and services that everyone would love and pay for. After managing a brick-and-mortar business, I thought I already knew how to manage a business. Managing a freelance business would be a piece of cake…or so I thought.

There were so many tasks and so little time. Everything from building my skill set, to calling potential clients (yes, on the telephone), designing my marketing collateral, building and maintaining my website and more. Things turned into a full-time job pretty quickly. Then I also had to juggle my full-time job while I was at it. Things drastically got more hectic when I started getting more clients. How would I avoid the ups-and-downs in business while I serviced my clients’ needs?

It took a few years, but I found a solution to managing my freelance business. It also solved several other weak points of my business.
Bonsai now gives busy freelancers like us the tools we need to manage our freelance businesses like a boss.

  • Keep up with Clients
  • Manage Invoices and Getting Paid
  • Proposal Writing Templates
  • Easy Contract Writing Templates
  • Time Tracking on Each Project
  • Easily Apply Time Worked to the Project Invoice
  • Manage Multiple Projects

Ever had a project that you wish you had a written contract on? Tired of reading articles saying to get a written contract, but they don’t tell you how to write a freelancing contract? Do you keep your invoices in PayPal, but not sure what your expenses are? Want to write proposals and contracts in minutes instead of hours? Not sure which project goes with which client? Then Bonsai is for you!

What are you waiting for? Do you like little annoying problems like managing invoices and expenses? Would you like to get bigger problems, like having too many projects and too much money? Get started managing your freelance business better and growing your freelancing business. If you are a freelance writer,  photographer, web designer, graphic designer, creative professional, social media manager, you need a better way to manage your freelance business and make more money with your freelance business.

I’m very glad that I tried Bonsai and use it every day in my freelance business. Bonsai has helped me grow my part-time freelance business into a full-time freelance business. Try Bonsai for free for the first two weeks. You’ll be glad you did!

Michael Neely

My name is Michael Neely. I started in graphic design and SEO in 2001 and coded my first site in 2011. Since then my career has been a constant learning experience launching my freelance business n 2014. I have worked in WordPress, Shopify, Laravel, HubSpot CMS and more. I have also kept up with SEO through the years and adapted to the mainstream use of Artificial Intelligence as the "next thing" in tech. Keep in touch and visit often to stay tuned in on what is happening in the world of technology.