Get StudioPress Themes with your WPEngine Hosting Plan

I first got involved in web development and web design in 1999 ( yeah, I’ve been on the web that long). When I first got involved in building WordPress sites in 2012, I got lucky. I found StudioPress as my first theme choice. My focus was on writing and blogging at the time and CopyBlogger suggested StudioPress themes. I was hooked from my first install. I found out later that the owners of CopyBlogger and StudioPress knew each other but I didn’t care. They were great themes and still are.

Times have changed and so has the Internet. One thing that has stayed constant is the quality of StudioPress themes. They are still rock solid, and can actually help boost your organic search results.

In June of 2018, WPEngine acquired StudioPress. The first thing I thought was that WPEngine would bring StudioPress in-house and that the Genesis framework would no longer be open source. I was wrong. In fact, WPEngine has helped make StudioPress better. Just in the last year and a half, the StudioPress has rolled out more great themes that offer widgetized homepages, SEO-friendly Genesis framework, and every theme looks great on every device.

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WPEngine is no stranger to the WordPress universe. In fact, their first name is “WP.” WPEngine offers affordable, enterprise-grade hosting solutions for businesses who are serious about their professional online presence and use WordPress as their CMS. If your website plays a major role in your marketing strategy, then you know that solid web hosting is vital to your business success.

Sure there are a lot of great hosting companies out there. Maybe you’ve shopped around for the lowest-priced hosting provider out there and you are happy them. Maybe you can justify the hours a month you spend on the phone with them troubleshooting. Great! WPEngine is probably not for you.

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WPEngine is for companies whose leadership understands that the first impressions count. Without a good first impression, you won’t get a chance to make a second or third impression. If your website is down these days, it means you have a cheap hosting plan. It also tells your potential customers your company is second or third-rate. Customers who expect quality will go elsewhere and your business will suffer.

WPEngine offers hosting plans for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to larger businesses requiring dedicated hosting resources. Every hosting plan gives their customers access to 35+ StudioPress themes and the Genesis framework.

If you are ready to upgrade to WPEngine, you can now get up to two months free! That’s right, three months of free hosting on WPEngine’s annual plan.

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If you’re looking for the cheapest hosting you can find, WPEngine is not for you. If you want enterprise-grade hosting solution for your growing business then WPEngine can help you grow your business and scale with your business.

Get WPEngine premium hosting for your growing business today and get two months free on an annual plan!

Michael Neely

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