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    Web development can mean many different things to many different people. To a company or entrepreneur who needs an eCommerce website it could mean building a site that ranks well in search and can handle transactions. Maybe the client needs to manage several different websites. This may mean building a web application to help manage those via application programming interfaces (API's). To a business who is getting more mobile traffic than desktop (Amazon comes to mind as an example), it might mean that they need a robust web application for all devices.

    Whatever the web development project, there are several ways to get the project working and completed

    What is Web Development?

    Web development is a very broad term for the task of building websites or web applications. Although the definition of web development is a little hazy at best, it depends on what problem you want your website or application to solve. This isn't the content end but the structure end. There are almost no limits to what one can achieve if they know multiple coding languages. Hence, there is almost no limit to what web developers can build for these days.

    Which Framework is Right For Your Project?

    The first thing that website owners and their developers need to accomplish is to define the purpose for your application.




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    Stages of the Web Development Process

    Discovery Process