Why Your Website Needs the Best WordPress Hosting

Want to Build a Web Presence? Your Number One Obstacle Could be Your Web Hosting

When I really started my internet career in 2012, I went with the cheapest hosting I could find. After all, I was just getting started and I had lots of other bills, like food and a roof over my head. Getting the best WordPress hosting was something I just couldn’t afford.

If you aren’t happy with your website’s performance, the chances are pretty good that you have cheap web hosting. Think of it this way. If you want performance out of a car, the best thing is to get the most efficient engine under the hood. In the old days, this meant the biggest engine under the hood. These days this could be an electric-hybrid or 100% electric engine. The point is that if you want maximum performance, you want to best engine under the hood for your vehicle.

Your website works in a similar way. If you have a 2 GB website and you’re paying $8.95 per month for hosting, I guarantee that your site isn’t performing the best it could. Your page load speeds are probably around 10 seconds, and your site is a hacking issue just waiting to happen. For your website to be as effective as possible, you need the best WordPress hosting you can afford.

This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Internet

The internet has changed over the last ten years. What used to be called good hosting now can’t deliver the speed or security needed in today’s world. Hacking programs target WordPress sites. I use the Limit Login Attempts plugin on all of my client websites. Sometimes I will get emails that read the plugin has blocked multiple login attempts from…well, somewhere.

These days security threats could come from anywhere, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, or even right next door. That means that your hosting is vulnerable. If you have a cheap hosting plan with no security, it means that your site isn’t going to do well.

Although web security is a slightly different topic, a hosting plan that comes with better web security can greatly reduce the chances of a ransomware attack or brute force attack on your WordPress website.

1. Page Loading Speed

I have seen projects come and go over the years. Recently, I have seen more projects for freelancers to speed up page loading times. The first question I ask is “How much do you spend on your web hosting.” 100% of the time, I get a response that they use the cheapest hosting possible. If you have a cheap website you don’t want anyone to see, then who cares what hosting you have.

However, if you have a website that you want people to see and that you are proud of, then invest in a good hosting plan. The best-case scenario is that you have a website that you want people to shop on and make you money. If that’s the case, you need a website with a hosting plan that can drive your website. Therefore, you need the best WordPress hosting possible.

2. Search Engine Results Page Ranking

If you think search engines can’t tell whether you have good hosting or not, you are deceiving yourself. Your hosting can play a large role in your site’s overall SEO. It’s not a coincidence that PageSpeed Insights is owned by Google, the largest search engine company in the world. Search engines also know how long you own your domain for, what CMS you are running on, and a host of other factors that they use to calculate your search ranking.

Your hosting is part of this information. I’m sure some will argue that the web hosting is tied to page speed. The suggestion is the same. If you want to rank better on organic SERPs, get the best hosting you can find.

3. Web Security

Ok, I will address web security here. If you have a WordPress site, you have one of the most secure platforms available. If you have a neglected website with bad hosting, you have a cyber-attack just waiting to happen. Hosting alone certainly can’t guarantee your web security but bad web hosting almost guarantees your site will get hit at some point.

4. Website Revenue

There are millions of websites on the internet. I know that they all aren’t making money. I know because I have some websites that took a long time before I made money with them. If your page load speed is slow, and your search results are not what they could be, then the chances are great that your website isn’t making any money. It is true that there are many other ways to market your website. However, your hosting plays a huge role in whether or not people stay on your website. And people have to stay on your website before you make any money.


Your choice of web hosting for your WordPress site is just as important (if not more important) than your theme or design. Without web hosting that can drive your website, you might as well not have a website. Your page speed will slow, your search results will drop, and your business will suffer. Invest in your success and invest in your business web hosting.

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