How to Speed up Your WordPress Page Loading Speeds

By Michael Neely | December 5, 2017
Girl on Laptop with Fast Page Loading Speeds

Google’s Pagespeed Insights is The Latest Rage in SEO I built my first website in 2000. Google was only a year old, earned $220,000 in revenue, and nowhere near the behemoth it is today. The pre-cable Internet was dial-up and measured in kbps, not Mbps. You could start loading a website into your browser, go…

Six Ways to Beef Up Your WordPress Security

By Michael Neely | September 13, 2017

Concerned about the WordPress security in your site? You should be. Is it true about Russian hacking computers and websites? Probably. It’s even easier than you may think. It’s not a room of Russian geeks smoking cigars, drinking vodka, and targeting your sites specifically (unless your last name is Trump, or Clinton, or your site…

Why WordPress Is The Best CMS Option For Your Small Business Website

By Michael Neely | July 25, 2017
WordPress with sprockets

Updated: April 5, 2023 Can over a Third of the Internet Be Wrong? The original post in November 2017 read 27.5% of the Internet. Now those numbers are over 40%, proving that WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet today. Ask any web designer about WordPress and you are likely to get a…

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

By Michael Neely | April 9, 2017

Remember the excitement you felt when you launched your first website? Everything worked perfectly and it was the latest in cutting edge technology. But as time has gone by, if you haven’t updated your website, you are probably losing money. Yes, that’s right, you are probably losing money on business that could have been yours.…