The Best CRM for Your WordPress Website

By Michael Neely | March 15, 2021
Customer relationship management graphic

Keeping Up with Potential Customers is Vital in Today’s Business Environment If you take a look around, you will find that WordPress is a major player in business websites. If you’ve been on the internet for long, you will know that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CRM) in the world is WordPress.…

How to Add Search Data to Google Analytics for your WordPress Website

By Michael Neely | February 9, 2021
Checking web analytics for a website

Track Your Google Search Console Data in Google Analytics EDIT: Since I posted this on April 11, 2021, Google released Analytics 4 which is a newer platform. I am currently experimenting with this new platform and will have an updated Google Analytics post shortly. One of my favorite topics is Search Engine Optimization or SEO…

Straight Talk about Marketing For Small and Medium-sized Businesses

By Michael Neely | November 9, 2020

Is This What Your Marketing Plan Looks Like? I am not saying that prayer is a bad thing, but some business owners rely on prayer as their ONLY marketing resource. I believe that prayer can be a powerful tool to inspire and motivate people. But when it comes to marketing, prayer lacks something to be…

How the WordPress Block Editor Helps Writers Stay Organized

By Michael Neely | April 13, 2020

The WP Block Editor Finally Makes Sense to Me as a Writer Yes, I know what some of you are thinking. “You’re a developer. What do you know about writing?” The truth is that I was writing long before I became a developer. Who do you think creates the content for my sites anyway? In…

Open for Business and Working Remotely Since 2011

By Michael Neely | April 1, 2020
P{hoto showing open for business

Need Graphic Design, Web Design, or Web Development Work Done? I am Open for Business! Due to recent world events, local governments have forced business owners to close their businesses across the United States to help fight the COVID-19 threat. What does this mean for business owners? That means that you are sitting around and…

Five Great New WordPress Themes for Your New Website

By Michael Neely | March 25, 2020
Customers trying out their new website

Check out these new StudioPress themes for your new website Considering a new WordPress site for your new hobby or business? Beginning a career as a blogger or a writer? Maybe the latest economic shakeup has you re-evaluating your ability to work from home. While everyone else is freaking out, you could be building the…

The Difference Between Mobile Web Design and Mobile Responsive

By Michael Neely | November 26, 2019
A graphic designer planning mobile design for a mobile application

Mobile Responsive and Mobile Web Design are not the Same Thing When I built my first website, mobile devices were phones and nothing else. They didn’t have screens or have the capability of browsing websites. Building websites was easier. If you wanted a certain element in a certain place you just put it there and…

How to Add a Sales Tax Calculator in your WooCommerce Store

By Michael Neely | November 18, 2019
An accountant calculating taxes

Complete Sales Tax Calculator Solution with WooCommerce Updated: October 28, 2020 Every day, people start their online businesses by selling products or services to customers or businesses. They pick a domain name and hosting plan, build their website and eCommerce solution, and begin their sales and marketing. If you picked WordPress as your website’s CMS,…

The Best WordPress Theme for Your Law Firm

By Michael Neely | November 4, 2019

Does the website for your law firm or accounting firm need a refresh? This is for you! With all the noise on the internet today, effective marketing is a challenge for business owners. If you own or market for a law firm or accounting firm, your job can be even more challenging. Your website is…

Get StudioPress Themes with your WPEngine Hosting Plan

By Michael Neely | November 1, 2019
StudioPress Premium WordPress Theme Infinity Pro

I first got involved in web development and web design in 1999 ( yeah, I’ve been on the web that long). When I first got involved in building WordPress sites in 2012, I got lucky. I found StudioPress as my first theme choice. My focus was on writing and blogging at the time and CopyBlogger…